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Easy mobile communication

Welcome to Bea-fon!

Everyone wants to keep in touch with friends and family and to be able to make a simple telephone call...including you and me!


People over 50 like us have an increasing need for mobile communications with features to suit them and have less and less need for complicated 'over-featured' devices with HSDPA, WiFi,WAP, MMS, EDGE, WMA, DivX, HTML, TouchFLO Megapixels and so on. For simple communication we need simple devices.

“My husband showed me a couple of ‘senior handsets’. Although I have a hearing impairment, I do want a mobile phone that looks just like any other. The S50 was by far the best option for me. It works for me!”

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“I’m a constructor and all those tiny buttons on regular phones are difficult to operate with my gloves on. Now I can call, send and receive SMS faster than before thanks to the bigger buttons.”

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“The S210 meets my demands. I never wanted a mobile phone, but when I ride my bike, I take my phone with me. It feels safe to get in contact if I should want to.”

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  • Wednesday 20 November 2013 Now it's finally done!

    The eagerly awaited model T850 is now available!