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Well engineered? Yes, very well engineered! Some cellular phones are so technologically complicated that a specialist is required to handle the challenge. Other cell phones have so many variations in design that to even grasp the basics, a hefty amount of time need be invested. And then there are mobile phones which are just well engineered with regard to design, functionality and quality. Like bea-fon. Isn’t it nice to know that such a cell phone still exists?
Mobiltelefon Classic Line bea-fon
Mobiltelefon Silver Line bea-fon


Simple? Yes, very simple! bea-fon mobile phones conjoin unique inclinations with a unique cell phone. Feel secure around the clock with the SOS emergency button. The practical handling makes calling easier than ever. Isn’t it nice to feel safe and in good hands?


Does it deliver what it promises? Yes, it delivers what it promises! Through rain, storm or similar ordeal. Active Line mobile phones are robust contemporaries. Safe and secure with prolonged stand-by mode and emergency call functions. Isn’t it nice to have a partner with endurance?
Mobiltelefon Active Line

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Beaphony is the new philosophy

Why? Because bea-fon smartphones make you happy – it’s that simple. On the one hand, it’s the hardware. Well engineered, robust quality that leaves a lasting impression. The clarity of design saves you hassle and time when it comes to making a call quickly and easily.

On the other hand, it’s the software which has been tailored to meet your needs. With just the right amount of technical gadgetry, and fine-tuned to your inclinations, bea-fon simply makes you happy.


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